No matter where you are in your process - it is a
good starting point. We all need to start

The best and most welcoming way to learn
Ashtanga yoga as a beginner is in a Mysore class.
In this setting beginners are taught individually
and can be guided at a suitable pace.

Always remember: You do not need to know
anything. Oftentimes, people come to their first
Mysore class apologizing for not knowing the
Ashtanga sequence yet and for being a beginner.
Or for being stiff. Or not strong enough.

You don’t have to have done any other yoga
before, in order to start with Ashtanga, nor do you
have to be flexible, young and strong. Just be you.
It is quite an opportunity to be a Beginner.

Usually the first week we will start by becoming
familiar with sun salutations and then we will
progress at an appropriate pace.

For people new to Ashtanga yoga we require a
one month commitment of at least 3 times a

New students are very welcome to watch a class
@ Mysore Vienna. Please contact Barbara for
further details.