Ashtanga Yoga Shala • Mysore Vienna

we practice at the SOMART Institut

Staudgasse 8, 1180 Wien

Barbara Süss

tel. +43699 11998183


Barbara Süss is the director and founder of Mysore Vienna. Barbara made her first trip to the sub-continent India in the year 1999, where she instantly fell in love with the diversity, authenticity and the friendly people she met. Since then she keeps coming back to India almost annually to continue and deepen her studies and practice of Yoga.  

In the year 2001 her son David was born. 2007, after some years of home practice,  she went for the first time to Goa to start her daily Ashtanga practice under the guidance of Rolf Naujokat, who guided her through the first years on the Ashtanga path.  In 2010 she went to Mysore, where she continued to learn and practice with Sharath Jois, the current linage holder of the Ashtanga Yoga tradition who also have been given her the Authorization and Blessing to teach.

In the recent years Barbara makes time to visit Sharmila Desai in Morjim, Goa. There she finds resonance, context and safety of Sharmila’s ethical teaching.

Barbara is sharing her experience, well-founded training and knowledge, which expands and establishes itself through continuous daily practice, learning the traditional techniques of asana, pranayama and studying the philosophical principles of Vedanta, Sanskrit and Tantra.

Since the year 2019 Barbara is studying Tibetan Buddhism with focus on Buddhist Psychology at the Tibet Center Austria under the guidance of Lama Geshe Tenzin Dhargye.

Experiencing and accepting the physical and mental limits, recognizing and mastering challenges as such, cultivating serenity and, above all, cultivating a loving interaction are aspects that have shaped Barbara's yoga path for many years.

She firmly believes in the therapeutic potential of yoga.

Motherhood and her son David are her greatest teachers in all ways.

all drawings and pictures by Roger Malbert, Sasha van Aalst & David Süss